It is 48 hours before the D-day invasion of Normandy. You are John Welsh, an elite paratrooper dropped behind enemy lines to complete missions crucial to the success of the invasion. You must avoid detection, organize the resistance fighters, and destroy key targets relying only on your wits and elite training. You must succeed at all costs. Failure is not an option.


  • In September 1944, General Montgomery mounted a daring Allied offensive plan. It's up to you to make sure it works. Dropping 30,000 paratroopers behind enemy lines, you'll lead the charge to seize crucial Nazi-controlled bridges, and secure a highway to the Reich!

  • Command like a real general: issue orders to AI-controlled subordinates or take direct control over any unit

  • Experience real WWII battles as you deploy Armored Divisions, lead entire Infantry Corps, and win the battle as you race against time

  • Reshape history in one historical battles covering all of the Market Garden operation -- then salvage victory from disaster in "what-if" encounters

  • Stunning graphics and a detailed order of battle are designed to almost transport you to those dark and difficult days -- and win a victory for democracy everywhere!
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