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Agent Under Fire is not based on any one particular James Bond movie but manages to definetely fill the prescription for a 007 plot. The evil villain 'Malprave' has ambitions to take over the world by creating an army of cloned humans under his command. With the help of Q's gadgets, weapons and cars such as the Aston Martin and BMW Z8 and 750 Bond must once again save the world from disaster. The game's action is split between first-person shooter and tearing around in vehicles.


  • Experience an all-new, original, single-player storyline, written exclusively for EA GAMES.

  • Enjoy 12 action-packed missions, including intense, first-person action and white-knuckle driving levels.

  • Play with up to three other gamers with split-screen, multiplayer action.
    Check out the beautiful bond girls: the alluring Zoe Nightshade, the deadly Carla the Jackal, and the bombshell "Killer Twins."

  • Try out state-of-the-art gadgets, like the Q-Claw, Q-Jet, Q-Laser, and more.

  • Wield high-tech weaponry, such as the Wolfram P2K, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, assault rifle, and more.
    Zip around in exotic automobiles, including the Aston Martin DB5, BMW 750iL, and BMW Z8.

  • Get help from your allies: the authoritative M and omnipresent R.
    Face devious villains and dangerous henchmen.

  • Adventure through thrilling locations, like Hong Kong, the Swiss Alps, Romania, a deep-sea oil rig atop a secret underwater base, and more.

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Jun 06, 09 11:59am
really good 1st person shooter JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
Downward Spiral
Oct 30, 08 10:17pm
I have never played this game, but I own it somehow JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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not 4 sale JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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May 20, 06 12:43am
bam! a shooter JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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Sucky game JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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d('.')b JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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Very Good game JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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3 out of 10 JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
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Dark Elite
Jul 30, 04 10:35pm

Well this game is not as bad as what most people say, really I think that they are...

Jun 26, 04 6:52pm
Old JamesBond007inAgentUnderFire PS2
Nikolai Diavolo
Apr 11, 04 10:37am

James Bond blasts onto the PlayStation2 and lands with both feet firmly on the ground...

Oct 27, 03 5:42pm

The game is not nearly as good as they could have made it.I dont remember the...

Massive Attack
Jun 05, 03 7:39am

This is probably the best Bond game ever made. It fully accels beyond Goldeneye and...

Apr 07, 03 2:17pm

One of the best first person games ever you should buy it. You can get it for under...

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