Throw down your best moves as you fight for bragging rights in an all-out, street level, blacktop blitz. Street Hoops is the real deal...the most authentic and realistic street basketball game available. Choose your team and then rock 10 of the most notorious street courts in America with the speed, energy and attitude of serious urban ball. Create your own custom baller, bet with virtual cash and then gear up to get down with your winnings. The game starts and ends in the streets.


Run on real courts from around the world: Play on 10 of the toughest outdoor courts in the country including: "The Cage" and Rucker Park in NYC, Venice Beach Courts in L.A., Mosswood Playground in Oakland, Lombard Court in Philly, Jackson Park in Chicago, "The Dome" in Baltimore, and Shakespeare Park in New Orleans. Each is an authentic replica of the original - right down to the graffiti, court quality and neighborhood vibe.


  • Gear up with real brand name apparel: Hit the Street Hoops store to get laced up with the latest styles from And 1, Enyce, Sean John and more.

  • Give your baller the skills to pay the bills: Make him a 6'1" guard with mad handles or a 7-footer who abuses players in the paint. From tattoos and hairstyle to kicks and chains, it's up to you to create the ultimate baller.

  • Play as a street legend: Special unlockable players include the most notorious street ballers in the world: AO, The Main Event, Half Man Half Amazing, Headache, Hot Sauce, SpeedyWilliams, Booger Smith and The Future. Use their patented moves to break ankles and take it to the rack.

  • Choose how many players run with you: From 1-on-1 to 5-on-5, you pick the game. Play solo, take friends to school in head-to-head action, or own the court together in cooperative mode.

  • Select from three modes of play: Including World Tournament, King of the Court, and Pick-up Game.

  • Place bets on your game: Make the game even more interesting by betting virtual money on your team. Use winnings to buy new warm-ups, sneakers, jewelery and more.

  • Enforce the rules of the street: This is street basketball. You may hear a car's horn blow, but never a ref's whistle. No blood, no foul. You get pushed, you push back harder. And if you talk trash, you better have the game to back it up.

  • Blast tracks from hip-hop's biggest stars: Including Cypress Hill, Master P, DMX and Method Man & Redman.

  • Save your squad: Save your players and their performance to play future games and make trades with friends.

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D Man 2
Dec 29, 03 2:58pm

It has peepz from and1 and i like it.

You should buy it


Jun 29, 03 1:10pm
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Jun 18, 03 7:42am

i need help tring to get the mixtapes on this game. so leave a review if u already got...

Mar 23, 03 2:13pm

If you like AND1 then this is your game, if you don't then this ain't your game. And...

Mar 23, 03 2:13pm

If you like AND1 then this is your game, if you don't then this ain't your game. And...

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