Moto GP 2 offers several modes of play. Arcade mode allows you to pick a bike and any track to hone your skills. Season mode is really the meat of the game- race through all 10 circuits and earn points based on your finishing position.


Race against the top twenty riders in the world at speeds of 180mph around turns and corners with your knee inches from the ground . Compete on the most beautiful tracks and in all weather conditions throughout the MotoGP series. With numerous game modes, customizable attributes, and online gameplay.


  • True-to-life 500cc motorcycle racing
  • Officially licensed from Dorna Promocin del Deporte
  • Real riders, circuits, and motorcycles
  • 5 game modes and 32 authentic bikes
  • 1-2 players

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Oct 02, 05 10:34pm
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Jul 25, 02 9:40pm

Pretty challenging game!

My Tip: Play Simulation mode, manual Transmission, Full Race...

Feb 22, 02 5:51am

this is a great game but has to few tracks. The season mode on hard is great as you...

Aug 28, 01 12:16am
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