Race 500cc motorbikes in Moto GP from Namco. Authentic riders, circuits, and 32 motorcycles are featured. There are also 5 different game modes.


With THQ setting a very high standard for motorcycle games for GBA, this game will be one of the top racing games ever on the Gameboy Advance


  • Official licence of the FIM World Motorcycle Championship
  • Real tracks, teams, and riders
  • Challenge mode--54 challenges with rewards to unlock
  • Season mode offering mid-season transfers
  • Race against the clock, your previous best time and the odds
  • Fantastic replay mode that looks almost as good as watching on TV
  • Detailed bike and circuit graphics with genuine trackside scenery

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Got it with the console. Don't judge me. MotoGP PS2
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This game could be classified as perfect but not because the turns are hard and slow.


MotoGP - a PS2 launch title - was also the first ever motorcycle game on the PS2 - and...

MotoGP, based on Dorna's FIM motorcycle Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix, enjoys a 51-year history and more... posted May 14, 01 7:35pm


I got this 'cos I love bikes me, and it looked nice, I heard stuff about how it was a...


As a former motorcycle racer I really appreciate the graphics and the difficulty of...

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