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Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Max Payne Reviews

website score publish date 7.75/10 Feb 01 '02 83% Feb 12 '02
The Armchair Empire 7.5/10 Feb 02 '02
EuroGamer 7/10 Jan 13 '02
GameSpot 8.0/10 Dec 10 '01
Gamespy 78% Jan 08 '02
GameZilla 79/100 Dec 22 '01
IGN PS2 8.1/10 Dec 11 '01
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website publish date
IGN PS2 Nov 21 '01
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EuroGamer on Jan 14 '02

"The problem with Max Payne on the PlayStation 2 is that it isn’t the experience the PC game was. If you have a reasonably specced PC, you should seek out the original game in all its intemperate..."

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GameSpot on Dec 10 '01

"If you can't play this intense, original action game on any platform except the PS2, then that's where you should play it--but only by default."

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GameZilla on Dec 28 '01

"...while it isnft really suited for the console environment, Remedy has still produced a fun and playable title. Still, I canft help but caution people that as a PC owner, Max Payne for the PS2..."

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IGN PS2 on May 16 '01

"The team enlisted the aid of bodyguards and explored subways, ex-crack houses, alleys, run down tenements, and slick skyscrapers. There's nothing at all out of place in the levels and it's a shame..."

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IGN PS2 on Dec 12 '01

"...I highly recommend it on the PS2, if that's the only system you own. But if you own a PC or an Xbox, definitely skip this version, as it's the weakest of the trio in every aspect. The extra load..."

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