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Equipped with an arsenal of unearthly ammo, it's up to Agents Jay and Kay to save the Earth from the scum of the universe, yet again. So slip on your shades, choose your favorite man in black, and wield all 6 of his super-cool anti-alien weapons while you fight off perps like the Shark Guy and Jarra. Remember to enlist the aid of Zed as you pursue extraterrestrial escapees throughout NYC locations, including the nuclear station and the alien space hulk.


  • Choose to step into the patent leather shoes of the world's most stylish and secret agents! Play as brash, fast-talking Jay or the confident veteran Kay. Both characters will have the same actions but with different weapons, animations, movement rates and strengths. You will also interact with other characters from the movie such as Zed and The Worm Guys.
  • The stylish silver weapons of the MiB will be on display including then J2 Pistol, the Pulsar Blaster, the Arquillan Arm Canon and the Carbonizer. MiB equipment will also be featured including the Neuralyser (aka "the flashy thing").
  • 16 weapons are available to each character including 5 weapon types such as Bolt, Spreader, Homing, Area Effect and Beam. Each weapon type has three power levels and each character has a single standard "smart bomb" weapon.
  • New and popular MiB aliens greet Jay and Kay including the coffee-drinking Worm Guys, Jarra, Shark Guy, Corn Face, and Dog Poop. Aliens have a variety of attack types and behavior.
  • 5 distinct episodes with varying themes and settings; each with sub-levels and story scenes. Blast your way through the docks, a nuclear station, Manhattan streets and the Alien Space Ship. Players must complete the shooting/game play challenge in each particular episode before moving to the next.
  • 5 different modes of play: Mission mode involves blasting your way through all episodes; Training mode allows you to practice your aim and try out new weapons; Take on all the bosses in Boss mode; Complete all episodes under strict time limit in Time Attack mode; and Survival mode features one life, one room and endless aliens!
  • Memorable quips and dialogue inspired and influenced from the movie, from Jay saying "Mmm-mm. Deep-fried crispy criminals", to Kay declaring "It looks like I'm in the pest control business."
  • Atmospheric effects, sounds and signature Melbourne House graphics allow the game to conjure up different player emotions (fear, anxiety, surprise)

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