Ico Code Breaker Codes

Also see Cheats for more help on Ico.

Master Code for Ico (PS2) North America Master

Codebreaker master code for Ico is

9A7C5BED 18AB858F

Press R1+Select To Walk on Air (PS2) North America

Use this code along with pressing R1+ select while playing Ico

The codebreaker code is:

EA5983A1 9828D6F5
2A933EE4 03E00008
2A9F3EE4 00000000

Press L1+Select To Save Game (PS2) North America

Press L1+Select, to save your game first you need the code below which is:

DA77D007 B25F884B
1A8573A1 0000001C

Idiot AI Characters (PS2) North America

To have not too smart AI characters use this codebreaker code

2AAB3714 03E00008
2A973714 00000000
2A733D40 03E00008
2A7F3D40 00000000

Press R2+Select To Walk Normal (PS2) North America

Use R2+ Select to walk normal.

EA5983BB 9828D6EF
2A933EE4 27BDFF70
2A9F3EE4 8F83A418