Ico is an adventure about a twelve year old boy left for dead by his neighbours who thought he was 'evil'. He survives and has a vision which puts him on a path to save the princess from the evil queen. The game incorporates genres like puzzle, strategy, fighting, RPG, and adventure that challenge the player through a mysterious storyline.


*Experience breath-taking environments and atmosphere; from dark dungeons to lofty castle heights.

*Protect the princess at all costs; guiding her through elaborate obstacles and defending her from mysterious shadow creatures bent on her capture.

*Unique traps and puzzles require players to be sharp-thinking and keenly aware of their surroundings.

*Perform an astounding array of actions and feats to escape the castle alive; swinging on chains, jumping through windows, pulling crates through the water, and more.

*Experience brilliantly designed animation sequences and stunningly realistic lighting effects.

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The Introduction:
Whenever you hear the term “best game that nobody's played”, two...

Dec 17, 12 3:24am

Back in 2001 when Ico was first released there was scarcely anything quite like it....

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May 28, 09 8:02am
An absolute classic. Simple but oh so effective puzzle. Love this game. Ico PS2
Jan 09, 09 2:11am
1st & 2nd edition Ico PS2
Cheetah Dragon
Jan 08, 09 1:46pm
Emotional and beautiful. Made me cry too. XD Ico PS2
Just a Shadow
Jan 26, 07 5:02am
added a cheat
Jake Rockwell
Mar 06, 06 4:35am

In a videogame market obsessed with "Urban" murder simulations that shamelessly ape...

Nov 06, 05 9:18am
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May 20, 05 1:55am
Super Ico PS2
Mar 18, 05 11:16pm
Under-appreciated Ico PS2
Angel Blade
Dec 03, 04 8:01pm
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Mar 24, 04 1:57pm

I've been meaning to play this game for a while now and I rented 2 weeks ago. I fell...

Oct 05, 03 5:01pm

In totall this is a game only for those who can handle very very disturbing and...

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