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The Gauntlet series continues with Dark Legacy. New characters include Dwarves, Knights, Sorceresses, and Jesters. There are also 4 new realms: Ice, Town, Sky, and Dream as well as a Battlefield which is a bonus realm for advanced players.


  • 8 Playable Characters: Warriors, Valkyries, Wizards, Jesters, Dwarves, Sorceresses, Archers, and Knights.

  • 8 Magical Realms: Mountain, Desert, Forest, Castle, Ice, Town, Sky, and Dream.

  • A challenging adventure full of danger and hidden treasure where you must unlock the ultimate power in order to defeat the evil Garm.

  • An extensive display of cinematics that will reveal new chapters of the time-honored Gauntlet adventures.

  • Dozens of advanced attack combo moves will enable players to decimate hordes of enemies.

  • More than 20 hidden characters, countless potions, power-ups, and special items pack Gauntlet Dark Legacy with even more hours of gameplay!

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Princess Midna
Apr 13, 08 2:19pm
I....need...the....falconess! GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Johnny G
Apr 19, 05 9:36am
The graphics are the same as Gauntlet Legends on the N64... and those were subpar even for that console. -_- I paid 10 bucks for this,... GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Mar 16, 05 9:09pm
PAL GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Mar 02, 05 7:53pm

Being old enough to have grown up with the original Gauntlet arcade machine, I've...

Dec 12, 04 3:57am
9 out of 10 GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Jun 23, 04 6:32am
fun but dont over play it or it gets boring GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
mb 1
Apr 22, 04 6:35am
Got ruined when I had a little accident with my first ps2 :o GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Jan 03, 04 10:27pm

I LOVE this game! First of all, you can play up to four people - so having friends...

Nov 27, 03 10:29pm

This game completely and utterly rocks. The characters have great detail on them and...

Sep 02, 03 10:44pm
added 5 cheats
Jun 20, 03 4:20am
added 4 cheats
Dragon Cloud
Jun 01, 03 2:16am

Visuals: Terrible. Magic effects look ok and the FMV sequences are good but everything...

Dec 19, 02 5:29pm

Well not much I can say on this game. I played it in the arcade which I thought was...

Dancing Banana
Jul 19, 02 1:39pm
added 4 cheats
Jun 12, 02 8:42am

I enjoyed the original on NES, and this definitely has improved over the original. ...

Dec 05, 00 2:35am
Sep 29, 00 12:09am
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