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The Gauntlet series continues with Dark Legacy. New characters include Dwarves, Knights, Sorceresses, and Jesters. There are also 4 new realms: Ice, Town, Sky, and Dream as well as a Battlefield which is a bonus realm for advanced players.


  • 8 Playable Characters: Warriors, Valkyries, Wizards, Jesters, Dwarves, Sorceresses, Archers, and Knights.

  • 8 Magical Realms: Mountain, Desert, Forest, Castle, Ice, Town, Sky, and Dream.

  • A challenging adventure full of danger and hidden treasure where you must unlock the ultimate power in order to defeat the evil Garm.

  • An extensive display of cinematics that will reveal new chapters of the time-honored Gauntlet adventures.

  • Dozens of advanced attack combo moves will enable players to decimate hordes of enemies.

  • More than 20 hidden characters, countless potions, power-ups, and special items pack Gauntlet Dark Legacy with even more hours of gameplay!

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I....need...the....falconess! GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
The graphics are the same as Gauntlet Legends on the N64... and those were subpar even for that console. -_- I paid 10 bucks for this,... GauntletDarkLegacy PS2

Being old enough to have grown up with the original Gauntlet arcade machine, I've...

fun but dont over play it or it gets boring GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Got ruined when I had a little accident with my first ps2 :o GauntletDarkLegacy PS2

I LOVE this game! First of all, you can play up to four people - so having friends...


This game completely and utterly rocks. The characters have great detail on them and...


Visuals: Terrible. Magic effects look ok and the FMV sequences are good but everything...


Well not much I can say on this game. I played it in the arcade which I thought was...


I enjoyed the original on NES, and this definitely has improved over the original. ...

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