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The math and logic odyssey continues. Scale the heights in a cliffhanging alpine adventure and expand critical logic and mathematical thinking skills in Zoombinis Mountain Rescue. Join a daring rescue party as it searches for Zoombinis inside a mysterious, menacing mountain. Build important foundational reasoning skills and journey into advanced concepts like binary computing and networks--all during a bold mission that has kids searching perilous, puzzle-packed passages. This second adventure in the Zoombinis series is a journey into the math of the information age--the mathematical thinking skills used in writing computer programs and organizing spreadsheet data.


  • Go on a cliff-hanging alpine adventure
  • Expand critical logic and mathematical thinking skills
  • Learn the math of the information age
  • Concepts like binary computing and networks
  • Search puzzle-packed passages

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 200 MHz or faster
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, or XP
50 MB hard disk space (an additional 7 MB may be required to install Adobe Acrobat Reader)
8x CD-ROM drive
High-color, 24-bit video card
Windows-compatible sound card
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