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Dive into your dream zoo with Zoo Tycoon 2 Marine Mania! Marine Mania is the 3rd expantion pack to the popular Zoo Tycoon 2.


This game is a 3D Simulation game, single player, rated by ESRB as E+10, where the player build's a zoo. There's also a mode in which the player must complete certain tasks with a limited amount of money.


Take the plunge as you build towering tanks, care for 20 new species of aquatic life, and train them to perform in your shows! Play splashy new scenarios and challenges, design your zoos with mind-blowing realistic aquatic habitats, plus
new themed buildings and scenery!

Hardware Requirements

XP - 256 MB RAM
Vista - 512 MB RAM

Processor - 1 GHz

Hard Drive - 600 MB

video card - 32 MB
Hardware T&L DirectX® 9.0c or later

other - DirectX® 9.0 sound card & speakers/headphones

online/multiplayer requirements - Internet acces required for optional downloadable content

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