It's a zoo out there, and you're in charge! Go wild with your imagination running the most exotic, fun and exciting zoo ever.


From Koalas to Komodo dragons, choose from over 40 species and subspecies of animals including both rare and endangered species. Each animal is animated with dozens of lifelike animations and well tuned and interactive animal A.I..
A powerful and robust in-game terrain editor gives players complete freedom to design their dream zoo, in any way imaginable, including exhibits naturally closed-off by the surrounding terrain. Build visiting areas and animal habitats, and place over 150 types of visitors and animals objects.

Build amazing touring facilities such as sky trains and river rides with an extremely user-friendly interface that allows you to design the perfect ride for your visitors.

Zoo Empire's flocking system shows butterflies, birds and fish, together with nicely modeled floras and rocks, bringing the natural wildlife environment to the computer screen.

Over a dozen different terrain types, each with unique dynamic grass effects allows players to experience the subtle landscape changes as they progress in the game.True real-time rendered water reflections accurately display every animal, item and staff, along with their animations.Using scattering sky technology, the player can experience weather changes and day/night cycles which not only changes the look and feel of your zoo, but will also affect gameplay.Dynamic real-time shadows allows players to experience a new degree of graphic realism.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98, 2000, ME, or XP (Windows 95 and NT not supported)
800 MHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent
128 MB RAM
4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
600 MB hard-drive space
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 2, ATI Radeon, or 3D cards of the same grade
DirectX 8-compatible sound card

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