Zoo Cube is a puzzle game for the PC where you rotate a stationary 3D cube in place while colored blocks of different shapes and sizes fall and land on it. Your goal is to rotate the cube such that you can link certain shapes of the same color together and get them to disappear off your cube; if more than 5 pieces are stacked on any side of the cube at any time, the game's over! Play with friends in cooperative or head-to-head battles.


  1. The first 3-D puzzle game for the PC
  2. Addictive and heart-pounding puzzle action
  3. Delivers a unique experience every time--no two games are ever the same
  4. Special power-ups, bonuses and mind-bending three-axis rotation
  5. Play cooperatively with a friend in or head-to-head battle
  6. 7 different modes of play, providing more than 100 hours of fun
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