InsanityS's Ys Origin Review

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Duncan Idaho Mar 15, 13
i had been researching this game saga for a while, but, seeing your review i actually need to get my dollars up to build a gaming PC
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InsanityS Mar 16, 13
Ys Origin will work pretty well on low end hardware if you want to go for it before building a gaming PC.
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Duncan Idaho Mar 30, 13
is that so? i ahve an integrated intel chip and like 2.4 ghz on my laptop, my deksptop is sligthly better, it has 3.4 ghz but it's still has an integrated GPU, if i had 800$ i could get a good gamer PC (not to mention the extra 200$ are for internal HDD's).

However if it runs on a low end PC (jesus it runs SWKOTOR with nearly no lag) i migth try to get this game, i am atm bored out of the standard JRPG's, and of the WRPG sans deus ex and SWKOTOR.

of course i got massivley off topic, anyway great review IP