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Ys: The Ark of Napishtim is the sixth flagship entry in Falcom's long-running action RPG series. Players assume the role of series protagonist Adol Christian as he explores the Canaan Islands and assist the local populace in uncovering the truth behind the mysterious Ark of Napishtim.

Ys VI differs from traditional series entries in that the gameplay is more action oriented, requiring button commands for attacking and jumping. This means many battles are designed to test the reflexes of players as they dodge attacks and counter attack with their own. As Adol, players must also explore dungeons interconnected with overworld areas that they can backtrack to in open-world design.

The game was originally released for PC in Japan before being ported to the PS2 and PSP for the localized English release by Konami. Publisher XSEED will at last deliver an English version for PC, complete with new features like support for widescreen PC displays and a new "Catastrophe Mode" intended to challenge veteran players. In Catastrophe Mode, healing items cannot be purchased and any found are automatically used on pickup so they cannot be hoarded for later use.

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