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Aerial Strike: The Yager Missions, a futuristic aerial 3D combat/action game, puts the player in the role of Magnus Tide, a noble, experienced freelance fighter-pilot on a mission to maintain the peace and status quo of his ultramodern world. His quest leads him through a variety of combat challenges. Aerial Strike plays over 20+ involved single-player missions.


You play as Magnus Tide, fighter pilot. Your mission is to survive. Win life-threatening dogfights against top aces, infiltrate enemy hiding places, race at speed through the skies against outlaws in their highly tuned machines, dive and attack your enemies. There are furious battles to be fought and you will need skill, stealth and sheer guts.


  • A highly motivating and thrilling story-line, that the player will grow and shape during gameplay.

  • An inviting, living game world waiting to be discovered.

  • More than 20 different characters - characters the player will come to esteem, love - or fear!.

  • Performance-related dynamic mission objectives.

  • Nail-biting multiplayer modes from thrilling deathmatch duels to tactical team-fighting with one-person jets and mighty battle ships.

  • Outstanding technical and graphical quality, as well as exceeding sound and music.

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