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The forces of Earth must take the turn-based, squad-level isometric strategy battle of X-COM: UFO Defense to underwater depths as a new alien menaces awakens in Earth's oceans. Take command of a squad of troops you equip and train to take on this new threat, and manage funds and research new weapons technology.

Hardware Requirements

MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS: 386 20MHz 4MB RAM 3MB hard drive space CD-ROM/MSCDEX 2.1 Mouse VGA graphics SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro, Ad Lib, General MIDI or Covox compatible soundcard RECOMMENDED: 486 50MHz SVGA graphics
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mouthdust played X-COM: Terror From The Deep
Feb 12, 03 2:13am

excellent RPG game turn base !!

I think one of the best RPG for a game from year 95.

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