X - Beyond the Frontier Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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X - Beyond the Frontier Reviews

website score publish date article quality
3dgaming C - Feb 07 '00
Actiontrip 82% Mar 12 '00
Adrenaline Vault 3/5 Apr 21 '00
BarrysWorld 9/10 Nov 04 '99
Computer Games Online 3/5 Dec 21 '99
EuroGamer 3/10 Oct 21 '99
FiringSquad 71% Jan 26 '00
Game Power Australia 2/4 Feb 04 '00
GameCenter 7/10 Feb 29 '00
GamesDomain  --- Nov 10 '99
Gamesmania 6.5/10 Mar 03 '00
GameSpot 8.1/10 Feb 09 '00
Gamespy 68/100 Mar 17 '00
Glide Underground 3.5/5 Mar 25 '00
IGN PC 7.7/10 Mar 06 '00
Intelligamer 3/5 Dec 06 '99
PC Zone 90% Oct 21 '99
Voodoo Extreme 81% Feb 23 '00
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X - Beyond the Frontier Previews

website publish date article rating
Adrenaline Vault Oct 06 '99
GamesDomain Oct 08 '99
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3dgaming on

"When it comes down to it though, this is a deeply flawed game that just doesn't have the goods. I hope that the people behind it realize they made many mistakes and learn from them so we can have..."

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Actiontrip on

"All I can conclude is that the game fulfilled all my expectations. There was a great void in this genre since the legendary Elite. Some games like Privateer 1 & 2 tried to fill the gap (and failed..."

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Adrenaline Vault on

"The space sim genre has been searching for a game that rekindles the magic of Elite for some time now. For fans of Elite, X may appear to be a trip down memory lane, as X recaptures some of the..."

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BarrysWorld on

"X:BTF is totally absorbing once you get up and running. It will mercilessly rip your soul from your body, own you totally, and dance, laughing, on you private bits until you can drag yourself away..."

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Computer Games Online on

"X is a fairly good game that could have been great. With more missions, a better flight model, and better pacing, it might have dethroned Elite. As is, it joins a long line of games like Privateer..."

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