World War II RTS developed by 1C Company (creators of the award-winning IL-2 Sturmovik series and Pacific Fighters) is a real-time tactical strategy title depicting the most significant battles of World War II during 1939-1945.


Players take command of a special task force composed of different kinds of units, including tanks, APCs, field guns, mortars, various infantry regiments and also have an opportunity to call for artillery and air support. With a focus on unit detail and combat realism, would-be generals are faced with authentic battle scenarios, taken straight from actual World War II records and maps.


  • Modified IL-2 Sturmovik Engine
  • Human Resources Management
    <li type="circle">Every unit is a combination of "equipment" and a "soldier": "tank unit" is a tank + crew. <li type="circle">Soldiers can change equipment, leave and enter vehicles. Behavior of units depends on morale, experience and skills. Player can assign any soldier to any unit. Behavior of any unit can be tuned by a very detailed and flexible control system. AI will choose an optimal behavior style automatically if ordered so by the player - an optimal solution for casual gamers.
  • RPG Elements
    <li type="circle">Soldiers gain experience and skills
    <li type="circle">Soldiers gain special abilities
    <li type="circle">System of promotions and decorations
  • Detailed Unit Micromanagement
    <li type="circle">Hundreds of units including infantry regiments, tanks, artillery and aircraft from all major nations involved in WWII
    <li type="circle">All units are based on real data from military sources
  • Full Realism, Historical Accuracy
  • Top class character animation

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