: : : : WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game


Step into the ring with eight of the biggest stars in the WWF including Bret "The Hitman" Hart and the Undertaker. Wear down the opposition with standard wrestling moves, and then climb the ropes for some high-flying action. If you are taking a beating, you can quickly turn things around by using one of the character-specific special moves. Try to stake your claim on the championship belt in WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game.

Hardware Requirements

  • Minimum CPU Speed: 25 MHz
  • Minimum RAM Required: 8 MB
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space: 3 MB
  • Minimum OS Version: 5.0
  • Graphics Type: VGA
  • Color Depth: 256 Colors
  • Free Conventional Required: 640 KB
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