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The unlikely theme of worm militias are starred in this multiplayer free-for all in a battle to the death. You'll be given a squad to command, and set up their attacks, be it machine gun, grenades, dragon punch, axe, or other attacks. Your goal is to eliminate the other worm squads.


  • Great strategy game : Take turns, and defeat the other team of worms with Weapons before it destroys yours.
  • Choose among over 30 Weapons, including the Bazooka, the shotgun, the Grenade and the Holy Hand Grenade.
  • Play in over 10 bizzare stages where you can walk, jump and use weapons.
  • Single or Multiplayer commands are also available, with special 1-Player Missions.

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Ok game. WormsArmageddon DC
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I played this to death WormsArmageddon DC
Scott Cee
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PAL WormsArmageddon DC
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Could trade WormsArmageddon DC
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Worms Armageddon is one of the best games on N64. You play as a worm in a type of war...

Feb 25, 02 10:24pm

SOOOOOOOO good I cant stop playing. There is infinate types of games and it so hard...

Jun 21, 00 7:00am
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