World of Warcraft Own / Want List

Username Comments
HydraLady None
OmegaFury mage and rogue
RobotMosh None
Selenay None
Bocephus None
slovenian89 None
Golden Inferno None
Salty 4.9/5
toonlinkomania None
thedciple None
ThisGirlisAtomic None
Faggus None
Positive None
Rasmus8333 None
silverkade None
mikasaka None
REZBIT Be carfull you could loose your life to this game.
njmonkey2987 None
mitchel93 None
XxCrossfirexX Love this game. No way i mastered this one...
ozzel None
SilentBlack06 None
pothecary1 None
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bts4sports None
Kinu93 None
leitner boy None
DeDeDe1310 None
MushyPeas None
Zhents None
LIL MAT93 None
SilentHunter162 None
Pgans Looking for a free, not private server. I have no money and WoW is overpriced.
jdj1976 None
dragonslayer54 None
claramj None
Exile22 None
xtr3m3gmr313 Way too easy to become addicted too =/
Gamemastr1 None
willsaidwhat None
Gladius None
Carterman2k8 None
BobbyP83 None
vip3r_1019 None
kejoca None
Zeadeth None
AKAkane None
its alex90 None
CA2192 None
brooke222 None