World of Warcraft Own / Want List

Username Comments
Steelrunner I wasted so much time on this game. I can't believe I was gonna raise 3 80s over the summer, good thing I just stopped playing.
Shiny None
necro8765 One of the best RPGs around
hotory100 None
The Deathwind None
LloydToS None
jrsboo None
harbin None
Shannon40 None
Kool Mode D None
Shadow Khajii None
Etherlight I certainly can't beat this game... 80 Tauren Hunter 20 Draenei Paladin 22 Tauren Druid
annelson None
DragonKin98020440 None
TheSnuggleShark None
dark wyvern None
Silva_kun None
SwimmerOf07 None
FlyingJesus None
Roaming 3lf None
Gta79 None
huntyr None
FrostedStorm None
Dark Arcanine None
PangTong_Blademaster None
Zachman None
Deadeye365 None
Hitmonlee None
sweetheart3 None
Dresken None
Cassandra None
Dragon179 None
tidus1396 None
xkrimx Online
Joshua Mackley None
Jasonater AMAZING!!!
Parvana None
DavidVilla7 None
rentz14 None
Lulufan1979 None
TheBloodyClawofElena None
RabidChinaGirl None
bluefootednarnar None
Iyithikon None
Shiris None
bubthemighty None
skatoolaki None
R3b3L None
ChaostheLightTamer None