World of Warcraft Own / Want List

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teodortenchev None
August None
Ares81883 None
Sonic Flash None
Inferno Penguin None
cheesemonkey None
Turkagent None
Shana ]:
Kirbyking None
mstpaintball None
okumsup collectors edition ;)
jjdog202 the best pc game ever
Lord_Sawlamore None
Saevus None
Big Willie None
billabong52 None
Celestial_Sunfire None
Downward Spiral None
dvrocc None
scaryseizure None
Archangel None
Jak66 Best PC Online Game Ever!
animegirl None
Slayerholic17 None
Skullator666 None
xtremepokemontrainer None
silverbot02 Unsubscribed
ncgurly I got hacked and the company screwed me. Will never play again.
oOhennersOo None
Steven_H None
savingxgrace None
spam89 None
The Omega None
apple_tree_three None
Son_Goten None
game_testerWB1 None
p4k7 CRAZY ARSE GAME!!! 10 out of 5 stars!!!! I love it!!!
Jaw7765 One of the best MMO's
Acid_Fire7 None
1david10 None
halomaniac None
Danger None
Zubbus None
JoeyPP LeeT
Northern49 None
Jedi of Fire None
Naked Snak3 None
Malledor None
Malicious Bass None
Celes Leonhart None