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It's World War II and you are a commander of an M4 Sherman tank in the Fourth Armored Division, Patton's best and most elite division. From France to Germany, you will destroy opposition from the war's most fearsome tanks such as Panthers, Tigers and Hummels. Land on Utah Beach, cut off enemy forces at the Brittany Peninsula, smash Germans forces across the Moselle, relieve the besieged 101st Airborne at Bastogne, cross the Rhine and chase the German forces into Czechoslovakia. Engage in nonstop military arcade action with authentic weapons. Multiple mission styles are included with objectives such as Assault, Escort, Defense, and Rescue.


  • Enjoy nonstop military action with gunfire, mines, tracer fire and explosions.
  • Take on more than 30 objectives over 10 missions.
  • Follow the campaigns of General Patton's Fourth Armored Division, "Patton's Best".
  • Complete multiple objectives such as Assault, Escort, Defense, and Rescue.
  • Fight for your country and destroy Nazi tanks, armor, self-propelled guns and infantry in the Sherman tank.
  • Arcade-style tank combat makes the game fun for the casual gamer as well as the tank enthusiast and World War II buff
  • Detailed WWII-era environments with many eye-catching special effects set the backdrop for battle.
  • AMD64-optimized for better gameplay, visuals and overall gaming experience

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