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The World of Warcraft, in its most aggressively creative expansion yet, has decided to add... pandas. Yes, it's World of Warcraft's fourth expansion: Mists of Pandaria, which adds the mysterious and forgotten continent of Pandaria for players to enjoy. Announced in 2011 and released in September of 2012, Mists of Pandaria would inevitably prove to be Blizzard's least successful expansion to-date, dropping subscriptions down to pre-Burning Crusade levels. With that said, it introduced several features which would set the stage for a World of Warcraft resurgence.

First off: pandas. Yeah, you're dang right, Mists of Pandaria added playable pandas and it set the stage for World of Warcraft's dominance for hundreds of years. Profile over. Okay, kidding, but Pandarians are still a big part of the game. It's named after their homeland after all. Pandarians will start off on the mysterious island of The Wandering Isle, which is actually a *spoiler* giant moving turtle.

Not only were the Pandarians added to the game, but also an all-new playable class: the monk. Yeah, it's a little bit of a stereotype, isn't it? Nevertheless, the Monk added a fun new class that's viable as healer, tank or DPS... though optimizing any of these roles may require a bit more dedication than some of the less versatile classes out there.

Moving on from the new character and class info and onto end-game, Pandaria itself comes into view. Both Horde and Alliance discover the mysterious island at the same time, which is quite the coincidence, no? The two factions, with the fall of Deathwing, are at each others' throats. Their malice towards each other awakens a mysterious force in Pandaria which brings out an evil unlike that which has been encountered before. An evil which will leave one faction fractured in a way that will change Warcraft forever.

And by forever, I mean by changing the level cap from 85... to 90! The World of Warcraft has been changed. After progressing through the leveling zones, players will have access to several new instances including: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Stormstout Brewery and the Shado-pan Monastery. That's in addition to a remade Scarlet Monastery becoming to new heroic instances. Oh, and heroic Scholomance, too. Three raids would also be added later on.

Several other new features would also be added in Mists of Panderia, including the now hugely popular Pet Battle System, Challenge modes, Scenarios and Flexible Raids. I think there's more. There's probably more. Mists of Pandaria really should have, definitely could have been the expansion that brought WoW to bigger and better things.

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