World of Goo was created by Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler. The two of them left Electronic Arts to form their own studio, 2DBoy and began work on a game that would be fun to players, something they have never done before, and also interesting to everyone watching.


To play you must lead balls of goo to the pipe at the end of the level. To do so, you must first build various structures of different heights to get them there. The structures are built with the different types of goo and users can check how they do against others with planned online capabilities.
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I've finished World of Goo! I want more levels, so they'd better make a sequel... time for a review! WorldOfGoo PC
Where are the achievements in this game!? Haha. WorldOfGoo PC
This game is surprisingly addictive. The puzzle/strategy is very well done, being simple in design, yet complex in play (until you get it). WorldOfGoo PC
Has that de Blob-esque sense of cuteness to it. So far it's been relatively interesting, very simple controls immerse you immediately. WorldOfGoo PC

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im goo-ing straight home to play this right now. WorldOfGoo Wii

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