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World in Conflict Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Hooked Gamers  --- Sep 23 '07 9.3/10 Oct 18 '07
Bright Hub 5/5 Feb 15 '09
Gamers hell 9.7/10 Oct 19 '07
1UP 8/10 Sep 20 '07
Actiontrip  91/100 Sep 26 '07
EuroGamer 9/10 Sep 18 '07
Game Over 85/100 Oct 26 '07
GamePro 4.5/5 Sep 18 '07
games xtreme 9/10 Sep 18 '07
GameSpot 9.5/10 Sep 18 '07
Gamespy 5/5 Sep 20 '07
IGN PC 9.3/10 Sep 07 '07
Yahoo! Video Games 4/5 Sep 18 '07
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World in Conflict Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Apr 25 '06
GameSpot Apr 20 '06
Gamespy May 03 '06
GameZone May 02 '06
IGN PC Apr 20 '06
IGN PC Aug 08 '07
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Quoted from World in Conflict Reviews:
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"But in spite of its problems, World in Conflict undoubtedly has that ineffable "it" that makes an enjoyable game. In a market glutted with RTS games that are little more than reskins of each other, Massive deserves credit for trying something genuinely new. Sure, it's risky to rock the boat, but that's what capitalism's all about -- you don't see North Korea coming up with new RTS ideas, do you?"
"World in Conflict is an attractive and well designed real time strategy game set in an alternate history where the Cold War exploded into violence. An enjoyable single player campaign with high production values and a well designed innovative mutliplayer option make this a must have RTS title. "
"So don't come to World in Conflict looking for a game that reinvents its genre. Come to it because it's an instantly appealing refinement of smart ideas, served up with gorgeous production values and back-to-basics strategic muscle. It's intelligently structured, so you can lose yourself for hours or indulge in a quick twenty minute skirmish, while the multiplayer mode is an absolute monster if you're willing to submit to its co-operative style. The ability to unleash monitor-rattling nuclear destruction at will is what will inevitably garner the most attention, but thankfully World in Conflict has the steak to go with the sizzle. Combining bite-sized accessibility and formidable depth in a genre as established as real-time strategy is no mean feat, but Massive has pulled it off. An absolute beast of a game."
"One thing I was disappointed by was the lack of an offline skirmish mode. There is no Soviet campaign, so there is way for you to get a feel for the Soviet units without going online, which is a shame. In spite of this, World In Conflict features some of the most innovative ideas in the genre and combines it seamlessly with engaging and thrilling gameplay. It's a definite winner and is my front runner for RTS game of the year."
"It's a good solid game with a fairly simple control system. The tactical options in the battles make it one for those people who like to play extended campaigns against the enemy as well as outthink and outgun their opponent. It deserves to be your shelf."