A game about magic and dueling with monsters. You use cards to help creatures aid you in battle against other creatures and players. A nice game for younger, as well as older, gamers. You enlist as a student in a wizard school, try to save Wizard City, and explore other worlds.

Game Play

Using cards, you attack your opponent. There are different types of spells, Damage, Heal, Steal, Ward, Charm, Global, Manipulation, and Enchantment.
Damage- Damage cards are normal cards that will inflict a certain amount and kind of damage depending on the card’s school and opponent.

Heal- Healing cards give you the ability to heal yourself. For life wizards, it gives you the ability to heal other players.

Steal- These spells do a certain amount of damage. Then, they take half of that damage and give it to you, the spell caster, in health points.

Ward- Wards work to reduce the damage of either outgoing or incoming spells by a certain percentage, depending on the spell. These cards are usually 0 pip cost and are consumed after use.

Charm- These spells increase or decrease the overall damage, healing, or accuracy of either an incoming or outgoing spell by a certain percentage. These usually cost 0 pips and are consumed after use.

Global- These spells act similarly to charms except they cost more pips, last for the duration of the battle, and affect all players on your team.

Manipulation- Manipulation spells serve a variety of purposes. They can summon your minions, make your opponent reshuffle his/her deck, or give pips to other players. They basically allow you to control other players and cards.

Enchantment- These cards can be attached to any regular card to improve their stats. Once you attach an enchantment card to a regular card, you create a new treasure card. Enchantment cards can only be used during duels.

The element types of spells and schools and schools are: Fire, Water, Life, Ice, Death, Balance, and Myth.


It is an MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is rated E10+, but some features require an adults consent. It is a free game, with certain benefits to members.

Hardware Info

To play this game, you will need:
Internet- Internet Connection Required
Operating System- Windows 98SE or later versions
Processor- 1GHz Intel Processor
RAM Space- 512 Megabytes
Video Card- Best results with GeForce 2 or equivalent(standard in most PCs)
Disk Space- 5 Gigabytes

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