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Wings of Honour Combines the intrigue of battle assignments with the thrill of in-your-face action, this dynamic game is a unique mix of both the adventure and flight sim genres. From air battles and breath taking 30 aircraft dog fights to bombing and spy missions Wings of Honour provides the kind of action packed gameplay that is guaranteed to satisfy both flight sim specialists and the wider gaming fraternity. As you progress from one mission to the next you can take with you the skills you have already learned to help you achieve your next goals. Special effects include tracer bullets, realistic water, spectacular explosions and volumetric effects. To add to the immediacy and all action fun, flight controls are more simplified than in true simulations and dynamic action in several missions guaranteed

Hardware Requirements

Pentium III 600MHz or faster
128MB RAM or more
AGP display adapter with 3D accelerator, min.32MB RAM
sound card
mouse, keyboard
Win 98/Me/2000/Xp
DirectX 9.0

Editor's Note:

Previously titled, "Aces of WWI".

Added on: September 26, 2003

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