Carbine Studios thinks they have an answer the mire that modern MMOs have become. WildStar is meant to cater to a hardcore MMO audience, but with the grace of knowing what more casual players also look for in an online RPG. Thus we have the space opera that is WildStar, with feature focuses on raiding, 40v40 PvP modes, arena ranked ladders and a much more.

Nexus is the destination for both the Dominion and the Exiles. The Dominion is searching for the immortal race of Eldan, which elevated them to power, while the Exiles are looking for a new home as well as weapons to use against the Dominion. Neither of them likely expected to find Nexus, seemingly abandoned by the near godlike Eldan race. In the Eldan's place lies something much more mysterious, much more sinister -- something likely requiring at least 40 players united in cause to defeat.

WildStar conforms to the traditional MMO pay model of requiring an initial purchase of the game followed by month-to-month subscription payments. The promise is content in scale with how much the game costs, but MMOs these days have a hard time finding that balance.

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