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3:00 a.m. A London law office...

A lawyer, Victoria Conroy, and Darrel Boone, an expert in paranormal phenomena, meet for the first time. A few hours later a taxi deposits them at the gates of a mysterious Austrian castle. Their mission is to recover a device resembling a huge pendulum. With its ability to maximize leyline energy coupled with an approaching solar eclipse, the machine now poses a serious threat to human survival. The pendulum has been stolen by a group of religious fanatics and must be located and stopped before midnight to avoid possible global catastrophe -- at least this is what our two "detectives" are lead to believe...

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Pentium II 266 MMX or similar
3D Graphic Card with at least 8 MB Video Memory
150 MB of free space on the Hard Disk
CD-Rom 8x

Suggested system requirements:
Pentium III or similar
128 MB RAM
3D Graphic Card with 16 MB Video Memory
400 MB of free space on the Hard Disk
CD-Rom 24x
Sound Card with full support for DirectX7

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