Three distinct races have converged in a virtual Eden, in the outermost reaches of the galaxy, each with a unique reason for settling this new world. Conflict is inevitable, victory is not.

WarPath is a fast-paced FPS game featuring a unique single player mode that allows gamers to battle for control of different territories, with each providing distinct strategic advantages. Once players have honed their skills in the single player missions, they can jump online and let the real action begin.


  • 3 different races to choose from, each with their own unique weapon load-out and appearance.

  • 3 land-based vehicles

  • 8 weapons, including the Wolverine, Tyrant, Javelin, Judge, Vanguard, Vibro Blade, and EMAD, allowing for a highly diversified range of play styles.

  • Weapons can be upgraded to unlock more functionality and greater destructive force with each new level.

  • UNREAL engine and Havok physics technology provide stunning visuals and effects.

  • 4 Modes of intensely addictive multiplayer action – Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Frontline Assault.

  • 25 Multiplayer levels that take players across the diverse environments of the Kaladi System.

  • » Support for 2-16 players via LAN or Online, allowing battles to be intimate grudge matches, or all out clan carnage!

  • Access to all the weapons and upgrades that players unlocked and mastered in the single player campaign.

Hardware Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
DirectX Version: v9.0c
Processor: Pentium III or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2400 MB

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May 14, 09 4:24am
Me and My Dad play this game together! MY Great memories are attached to this game ;(! Warpath
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