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When THQ went under and sold off its studios and property, Relic Entertainment was picked up by SEGA. Relic made... posted Apr 22, 13 4:22pm

If you haven't checked in on Dawn of War II lately, now might be a good time.  Dawn of War II - Retribution... posted Jul 19, 11 4:56pm

So you may have heard about this Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II.  It's kind of a big deal, as far as RTS goes. ... posted Apr 19, 11 5:08pm

Love the Ork ending. Ended up my favourite race of the game. Just really want another DoW game to play now! Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Now good with Tyranids, but still not impressed with only having one hero who is OP. Really want Tau to play with! Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC

Dawn of War II: Retribution is a stand-alone expansion with a lot to offer. The latest...

Played through with the Eldar again, but using different units (e.g. Warp Spiders). Might do it with the other races too (bar 'Nids, haha). Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Finished with Eldar, IG, Orks, Chaos, SM... hate 'Nid style of play. Update causes an error and gave me loads of items in my SM campaign. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Continuing to do well with Orks, I'm surprised they fit my gaming style so well. Need to test multiplayer soon for User Review in-progress. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
YOU ARE A PIRATE! I should've played with Orks much sooner, they're a huge amount of fun to use! (got bored with Chaos - too easy) Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC

We hope you're enjoying the mother-loving crap out of the Dawn of War II - Retribution.  You are?  Good.  Now... posted Mar 31, 11 1:57pm

IG: Spam Catchan Devils, it works well. They pretty much replace Cadians halfway through the game... Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Finally getting somewhere with IG; the ability to deploy a Lemon Russ from nowhere and Lascannon without setup is great. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Dark Arcanine played Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution
Been thinking about how much I'd love to have the Tau to play with! Very pleased with the quality of voice acting. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Getting much better now - spamming hero abilities ftw. Found out I'm not a fan of playing as Tyranids. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Note to self: learn more hotkeys. This game does not forgive point-and-click players. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
Initial impressions: Good layout; decent design; simple combat;good voice acting. First campaign with the Eldar. Warhammer40000DawnOfWar2Retribution PC
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