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From award-winning RTS developer Relic Entertainment comes Dark Crusade™, an all-new hybrid expansion for the 2004 RTS Game of The Year, Dawn of War™. Play any of seven unique races, striving for control over planet Kronus, a world on the edge of the Imperium that has recently fallen under the rule of the Tau Empire. Witness the ancient Necrons awakening from the depths of the planet to renew their mission to exterminate all life in the galaxy and harvest its remains. The Necrons' return has made Kronus a high priority target for all the other major powers in the galaxy, which have converged for a new day of reckoning. A showdown of epic proportions follows: Seven races contend for dominance of the planet—but only one can be victorious.


  • Two new playable races, Tau and Necron: Each with unique storylines, weapons, abilities and features.
  • Brand new Single Player Campaign: Play all seven races, from Orks and Eldars to Space Marines and Imperial Guards.
  • Non-linear Meta-Map game-play: Conquer the entire planet of Kronus any way you choose and watch a unique story unfold from your race's perspective (for a total of seven different single player campaigns).
  • Customization: Customize not only your army, but also the appearance and abilities of your commander unit as he grows in power and influence — expanding your army as you conquer territories.
  • Multiplayer Campaign: Dominate 12 all new multiplayer maps set on planet Kronus, with team and skirmish battles for up to eight players per map.
  • Experience the cinematic intensity of the award winning DoW RTS engine: Featuring epic battles of hundreds of troops on screen and the brutality of violent combat through rewarding synch kill animations.
  • Innovative Hybrid Expansion: Allows new players to play Dark Crusade as a stand-alone product — or expand their multiplayer gameplay if played with DoW.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Requirements System: 2.0 GHz Intel P4 or equivalent RAM: 512 MB Video Memory: 64 MB Hard Drive Space: 4000 MB Recommended System Requirements System: 2.4 GHz P4 or equivalent RAM: 512 MB Video Memory: 64 MB Hard Drive Space: 4000 MB

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