War Front: Turning Point Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.9/10

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War Front: Turning Point Reviews

website score publish date
GameDaily 7/10 Feb 28 '07
Gamers hell 7.0/10 Apr 12 '07
1UP 5.0/10 Mar 27 '07
Actiontrip  80/100 Mar 12 '07
EuroGamer 7/10 Mar 25 '07
Game Watcher 6.8/10 May 10 '07
GamePro 3.5/5 Apr 26 '07
Gamespot 7.5/10 Mar 02 '07
Gamespy 3/5 Mar 09 '07
IGN PC 7.8/10 Feb 27 '07
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War Front: Turning Point Previews

website publish date
Gamespot May 16 '06
IGN PC May 20 '05
Worthplaying Jul 05 '05
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1UP on Mar 29 '07

"When it works, the best parts of the game compare favorably with Command & Conquer. You crank out units en masse, throw 'em at the other guy, and replace the dead as quickly as they disintegrate,..."

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EuroGamer on Mar 26 '07

"Conventional conclusion? Begin with qualified recommendation. 'From what I've seen of Command & Conquer 3, WF matches it in most important respects.' then reiterate the 'The novelty is fun, but..."

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Game Watcher on Nov 19 '14

"War Front: Turning Point really doesn’t do anything new for RTS games but it does take a neat story idea and combine it with some pretty cool units."

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Gamespot on Mar 05 '07

"War Front: Turning Point is a decidedly different take on the WWII real-time strategy game, complete with jetpack Nazis and freeze rays."

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IGN PC on Feb 28 '07

"War Front: Turning Point is a good RTS game. There are some clever mechanics at work in some cases but the campaign missions and overall unit design weren't particularly impressive. While the game..."

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