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The ultimate frag fest returns for another round. Experience the fast pace world of Unreal. Choose from a variety of different weapons at your disposal to frag your enemy. Take control of a vehicle from land or air for the first time ever. Give your AI bots the orders you want to complete the objective in a team based combat style game. Become a spectator and watch any match with the all new UnrealTV system as you become a part of the action without being in the action.


  • Voice recognition when giving orders to bots.
  • Improved AI: vehicle control, advanced dodging and wall-dodging, improved aim, better team coordination.
  • UnrealTV - a proxy broadcast system allowing a huge number of spectators to watch a match live over the Internet.
  • Pixomatic software renderer allowing performance with no 3D card required enabling UT2004 on your laptop!
  • Voice over IP enabling you to give commands to your team mates.
  • More than 95 instantly accesible maps for the different game modes.
  • 32 new characters for 4 teams on the new UT 2004 roster.
  • Features 10 games modes; Assault, Onslaught, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Double Domination, Bombing Run, Mutant, Last Man Standing and Invasion.
  • Commandeer one of 9 air, land and space vehicles in combat.
  • 20 never-before-seen maps for the existing game types, featuring tons of new textures, new static meshes and new music.
  • Gameplay tweaks and refinements including unique crosshairs for each weapon, the ability to carry dual Assault Rifles, network bandwidth usage optimizations and more.

Hardware Requirements

CPU - Pentium III or AMD 1.0 GHz
Memory - 128 MB RA; on WIn98 and ME / 256 MB RAM on Win 2000 and XP
Hard Disk Space: 5,5 GB
Cd-rom or dvd-rom: 8X
Audio System: Windows directX 9.0 compitable soundcard
Video System: Radeon 8000 or superior, GeForce 2 or superior, 64MB of viedo memory or superior
DirectX: 9.0b (included on the disc)

CPU - Pentium or AMD 1,2 GHz or greater
Memory - 256MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 5,5 Gb
Cd-rom or DVD-ROM - 16X

Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires interner connection. An ADSL line is recommenden

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Apr 02, 10 6:46am
I will never stop playing this!!! UnrealTournament2004 PC
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Sep 07, 09 11:13pm

Sean recently did something awesome. When I joined GOG.com, he gifted me with a code for Unreal Tournament 2k4 ECE, which I used to play during college. It was probably the first shooter I really took to, with the exception of arcade games like Time Crisis and House of the Dead stuff. I also fed his recent Might & Magic craving with a gift of my own -- GOG.com promotes gift-giving with awesome deals.

I only had my ex's copy at the time though, and now thanks to Sean, I have one of my own! And it's a really cool edition, and I should probably get on that shit. Too many games, too little time!

But a game I like this is infinitely more enjoyable with friends. So any of you people still play this? I know you guys are out there -- Unreal Tournament III didn't do nearly as well. Anyway, hit me up if you're interested, rusty as I am. For now, it's back to Arkham Asylum.

Wee, so many games! Speaking of which, Sean also got me to update my games collection on Neoseeker. It took a while, and new games pop into my head regularly. Then I realized I didn't put my completion / progress status for any of them, except the titles I had played but never owned. Too lazy to go back and rectify.

Otherwise, happy Labor Day. Thanks much, Sean ♥

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May 31, 09 10:47pm
awesome game, awesome mods and maps, easiest map editor ever.. UnrealTournament2004 PC

Now before you get too excited from the headline, read the entire article first. Under the guidance of Daphne... posted Mar 30, 09 5:21pm

Jul 09, 08 11:12am
added 3 cheats
Dec 04, 07 6:10am
great game, great multiplayer, great mods UnrealTournament2004 PC
Sep 29, 06 10:56pm
I prefer the original UnrealTournament2004 PC
Feb 17, 06 12:15pm
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Dec 13, 05 2:18pm
exelent game UnrealTournament2004 PC
Sep 30, 05 2:57pm

I must admit that this game didn't capture me as easily as its predecessors did. It...

sten mk II
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
It looks awesome. I played teh demo and I loved it!! UnrealTournament2004 PC
Apr 06, 05 11:33pm
Oct 03, 04 5:33pm
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Oct 01, 04 7:29pm
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Jul 11, 04 4:44pm
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Jun 12, 04 8:33pm

The grahpics are not much better than ut2k3, almost identical besides the new water...

Don Green
Apr 25, 04 5:41am
Awsome. UnrealTournament2004 PC
mr sparkle
Apr 04, 04 1:08pm

Most of UT2004 is essentialy the same as UT2003 with better graphics and more weapons....

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