Jane's USAF Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.4/10

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Jane's USAF Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Adrenaline Vault 4/5 Nov 30 '99
Computer Games Online 4.5/5 Nov 09 '99
EA Central  --- Nov 07 '99
Electric Games 4/5 Dec 17 '99
FiringSquad 78% Feb 03 '00
GameCenter 9/10 Oct 21 '99
Gamepen 5/5 Nov 16 '99
Gamers Depot 4.5/6 Nov 06 '99
GamersVoice 3.5/5 Dec 16 '99
Games Radar UK  --- Oct 23 '99
GamesDomain  --- Nov 29 '99
GameSpot 8.3/10 Oct 20 '99
Gamestats  --- Dec 17 '99
GameZilla 91/100 Nov 29 '99
Glide Underground 4.5/5 Dec 11 '99
IGN PC 8.2/10 Nov 17 '99
PC Gamer UK 77% Feb 01 '00
Well Rounded Entertainment  --- Nov 30 '99
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Jane's USAF Previews

website publish date article rating
Sim Arena Oct 20 '99
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Adrenaline Vault on

"For most players, this is a solid design decision, and while some hardcore users may sneer at its user friendliness, in the end, USAF has a broader appeal than its competition and is my pick for..."

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Computer Games Online on

"Experienced players will find it an entertaining diversion from the workload of deadly realistic simulations, and newbies will find it fun and not overwhelming. Sim fans will not only want to buy a..."

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Electric Games on

"A quality simulation that includes some of the best aircraft in the U.S. Air Force. The graphics are good, the flight models are excellent, and the campaigns are interesting. Force feedback..."

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FiringSquad on

"Where USAF manages to excel is in its ability to offer simmers more than just the every day cruise around the park. You can fly some of the greatest planes ever made and feel the different aspects..."

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GameCenter on

"Highly entertaining jet combat "survey" sim that will appeal to casual and hard-core sim fans alike."

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