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The matches are four-on-four affairs using concrete courts and empty warehouses for pitches. Oil drums and garage doors replace the goalposts. The teams comprise 16 different street gangs. There's also mention of a combo system and mini-games, meaning Acclaim is clearly hoping to target the kind of mainstream gamers who find Pro Evo just a bit too fiddly. So expect pick-up-and-play controls combined with flashy tricks and spectacular shots.


  • Four-on-four: First-ever arcade-style four-on-four soccer game!

  • All-star soundtrack: Featuring Method Man, TLC, Oxide and Neutrino, Feeder, Suburban, Buju Banton, Silvia, Kid Frost, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

  • Ten gang-style teams: With home playing fields and theme music, these teams are ready to take control of the concrete jungle by any means necessary.

  • Five hard-hitting game modes: Home Turf, Versus mode, Freestyle, Street Challenge, and Training mode.

  • More than 40 players: Individual catch phrases plus tricks, combos, and special moves

  • Super-charged Net Buster: Power-up tricks for record-breaking high scores.

  • Dynamic two-layered combo system: Earn points for superior arcade sports gaming.

  • Visually stunning urban environments: Objects and boundaries give teams the "home field advantage."
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