Unreal Tournament III Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.2/10

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Unreal Tournament III Reviews

website score publish date
EuroGamer 8/10 Nov 20 '07
GameDaily 9/10 Nov 21 '07
Gamers hell 7/10 Jan 03 '08
Gaming Evolution 8.5/10 Jan 10 '08
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.3/10 Dec 10 '07
Game Watcher 8.0/10 Aug 13 '08
Game Watcher 7.3/10 Mar 10 '08
Gamespot 8/10 Aug 29 '08
Gamespy 4/5 Nov 21 '07
IGN PC 9.0/10 Nov 21 '07
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Unreal Tournament III Previews

website publish date
Gamespot Jan 27 '07
Gamepro Feb 27 '07
Gamespy Jan 27 '07
Game Freaks 365 May 18 '05
Gamespy Mar 01 '06
IGN PC May 18 '05
Worthplaying May 20 '05
Destructoid Jan 30 '07
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Game Watcher on Nov 19 '14

"Taking a break from their ever popular Gear’s franchise, Epic Games has revisited Unreal Tournament and brought it into the current generation..."

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Game Watcher on Nov 19 '14

"Unreal Tournament 3 will not be for everyone. It is still not as good as the PC version but it is probably the closest a console port has ever come to being so."

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Gamespot on Nov 22 '07

"Even without player-created content, the Xbox 360 version of this online shooter holds its own, providing plenty of slick, thrilling sci-fi action."

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Gamespy on Nov 27 '07

"We suspect Unreal Tournament III will find a healthy following over the next few months, especially as mod makers start churning out new levels and other content (the game ships with a full suite..."

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IGN PC on Nov 22 '07

"If you've been playing the series all along, expect the same sort of thing only with a sparkling graphical luster. If you've never played this game before, do so immediately. It's still one of the..."

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