Universe at War: Earth Assault Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.1/10

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Universe at War: Earth Assault Reviews

website score publish date
EuroGamer 7/10 Jan 25 '08
G4 4/5 Jan 26 '08
GameDaily 7/10 Dec 17 '07
Game Watcher 3.8/10 Apr 08 '08
Game Watcher 8.2/10 Jan 24 '08
GamePro 4.0/5 Dec 20 '07
Gamespot 6.5/10 Apr 02 '08
Gamespy 3.5/5 Dec 17 '07
IGN PC 8/10 Dec 14 '07
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Universe at War: Earth Assault Previews

website publish date
IGN PC May 03 '07
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Game Watcher on Nov 19 '14

"If you really like RTS games Universe at War might be worth a punt when it comes down in price a bit."

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Game Watcher on Nov 19 '14

"Petroglyph, encompassing many veterans of real-time strategy, has set their sights on the Universe but first they just couldn't resist raising a little trouble on our little blue and green planet."

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Gamespot on Dec 21 '07

"Technical problems mar what should have been a solid addition to the Xbox 360's growing library of strategy games."

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IGN PC on May 04 '07

"As we expected from a studio with developers that run far enough back to have had a hand in Dune II and the Command & Conquer series, Petroglyph is looking to push ahead into the future of RTS,..."

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