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The Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Edition gives players the complete Ultima Online, with all the expansion packs enabled, and a bounty of valuable in-game gifts. As a bonus, they will also get the full version of the classic Ultima IX: Ascension. Also included is an exclusive Ultima Online Fan Guide, offering players a look at 7 years of adventure and community.


  • The Complete Ultima Online--Includes all five expansion packs. This is your chance to experience the richest, deepest online world ever created and the only one with customized housing.
  • Rare and Powerful In-Game Gifts--Receive one of seven rare anniversary gifts, each an in-game item offering an exclusive power for the lucky recipient.
  • Seven Buddy Registration Codes--Bring in seven friends to adventure with or open seven new accounts to expand your power. Each new account gets the first 30 days free!
  • New Character Slot--Add a new character and skill set to your UO family. Try out a new profession without having to delete one of your existing characters.
  • Collector's Edition Fan Guide--Experience seven years of adventure and community, featuring historic art, and exclusive interviews with the UO team and community leaders.
  • Ultima IX: Ascension--The full version of the revolutionary RPG, hailed as and one of the greatest fantasy adventure games ever.
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