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Two Thrones takes place in the years between 1337 and 1490 in a time where nobility and the church held absolute power. This was a time at the height and splendor of the medieval period, where great achievements and chivalric deeds were all common as were the treacherous tragedies and villainous actions of its people. In this period new cities were founded, great castles constructed, universities, convents and cathedrals built. Terrible wars were fought, the Black Death extinguished near a third of Europe's population, famine and marauding warriors were scourges to the population.

Most importantly, a time when noble families in France and England engaged in an epic war for the control of the two thrones of the kingdom ...


  • Choose between several large nations like England, France and Burgundy, or control one of the factions in the War of the Roses.

  • Develop your kingdom into an economic, political and military power, but be careful not to alienate the church, nobility, peasants or the merchant class on your way to supremacy.

  • Survive the treacherous political intrigues of medieval politics.

  • Experience detailed historical events, which guide your nation through the dark ages of history towards the renaissance.

  • Play on LAN or the Internet with up to 6 players.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium II 450 MHz
DirectX compatible video card (at least 2 MB video memory)
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX 8.1
Mouse and keyboard

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