The player will take on the role of Joseph Turok, a former black ops commando, now part of an elite special forces squad, known as Whiskey Company, which is on a mission to take down Roland Kane and his army, the Mendel-Gruman Corporation. As Whiskey Company's ship approaches the planet inhabited by Mendel-Gruman, the ship is shot down. Turok is stranded on the planet and must locate other crash survivors while confronting Mendel-Gruman soldiers and a variety of dinosaurs and other ravenous creatures.


  • Dangerous creatures: Encounter genetically altered dinosaurs, huge insects and other deadly creatures.
  • Strategic combat: Obliterate enemies with excessive firepower or utilize "quiet kill" techniques with specific weapons (the bow and knife).
  • Cinematic experience: A deep plot is conveyed through cut scenes and flashbacks.
  • Dark, gritty sci-fi world: Realistic graphics and intense dynamic sound bring the planet to life.
  • Dino Luring: Lure dinosaurs to attack human enemies or battle each other.
  • Dino Mauling: Dinosaurs pounce on Turok and he must struggle to pull himself from their jaws to avoid being eaten.
  • Realistic A.I.: Enemy soldiers respond dynamically to the player's movements and dinosaurs react in unpredictable predatory behaviors.
  • Multiplayer: Engage in online multiplayer modes for up to 16 players with terrifying creatures added to the mix.

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nasty nappa
Jan 22, 12 4:25pm
the kind of game you can play over and over again grusome dino killing awsomeness Turok PC
Jul 27, 11 8:40am
A very fantastic game, it actually feels like you're being stalked by dinosaurs in gameplay! Turok PC
Feb 28, 11 4:30pm
added 68 new concept art
X Modificator and 4 others own Turok
May 08, 09 8:26pm
This game is allot more frustrating than it is fun. overall it's very mediocre. Turok PS3
Apr 17, 09 12:56pm
Haven't played it yet, looks okay Turok PS3
Feb 02, 09 9:11am
okay Turok PS3
Jan 01, 09 11:44pm
lol, freaky. Turok PS3
Dec 18, 08 10:46pm
added a cheat
Feb 23, 08 5:05pm
Really dissapointing. Turok PS3
Jan 31, 08 10:50am
Amazing!!! Turok PS3
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