Secret Files: Tunguska Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.3/10

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Secret Files: Tunguska Reviews

website score publish date
Adventure Classic Gaming 5/5 Apr 15 '07
Game Watcher 7.8/10 Oct 18 '06
Gamespot 6.2/10 Nov 20 '06
Gamespot 6.2/10 Nov 20 '06
IGN PC 7.6/10 Dec 04 '06
PlayNOW! 6/10 Feb 05 '01
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Secret Files: Tunguska Previews

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IGN PC Oct 02 '99
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Game Watcher on May 30 '08

"A professor is mysteriously taken and his daughter will stop at nothing to find both him and the truth of Tunguska, a mysterious secret since 1908."

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Gamespot on Jan 07 '15

"MacGyver-esque inventory puzzles make this an acceptable, if exceedingly conventional, adventure."

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IGN PC on Dec 05 '06

"It's one of those games where you get the feeling that if few things were done differently, this one could have been really great. As it stands, Secret Files: Tunguska is a solid adventure game..."

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