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Inspired by Hong Kong action films, the game lets players assume the role of tough-as-nails detective Nick Kang, bent on settling a personal vendetta with the L.A. underworld. As Kang, players will be able to dispense their own personal brand of justice through automotive combat, a variety of rib cracking martial arts moves and the business end of dual 45s.


True Crime recreates a 420 mile area of bustling Los Angeles California cityscape, where players will be able to freely roam, or take on missions that span from trendy Santa Monica to the gritty streets of Hollywood. City activity is similar to Rockstar's popular Grand Theft Auto series, allowing for "police acquisition" of civilian vehicles. True Crime also features deep "bullet-time" shootouts, and martial arts battles.


  • Play in Los Angeles.

  • Over 30 cars for your needs.¨

  • True kung fu fighting.

  • Multiple real world weapons.

  • Get upgrades for your gun's such as: Laser sight, Aim assist and Hollow bullets etc

  • Get upgrades for the cars such as: Turbo, drive on two wheels, 180 spins etc.

  • Brancing storyline. If you fail a mission you have to do another mission involving the bad guy.

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Why can't I just shoot a guy in the brawling missions? TrueCrimeStreetsOfLA PS2
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Outdated, but still pretty sweet TrueCrimeStreetsOfLA PS2
F1D0 believes this game to be underrated. He's spent endless hours hunting down criminals and accomplishing the missions. TrueCrimeStreetsOfLA PS2
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