In Tropico you find yourself as the newly installed dictator of a tropical island. Your goal is to develop the island, and its industry. Featuring over 100 different building units, and citizens who may or may not support your rule of the island paradise.

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I will ever love it. Best for bad weather outside. But kill me or not, i like the money cheat. Tropico PC
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This game is very old but still great. Why am i giving a review when no one cares to...

NEW YORK, NY -- June 28, 2002 -- Computer and video game publisher Gathering of Developers, a subsidiary of Take-Two... posted Jun 28, 02 7:50pm

Gathering of Developers, along with developer Frog City Software, today announced "Tropico 2: Pirate Cove," the... posted Mar 01, 02 9:38pm

Computer and video game publisher GodGames, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., along with... posted Oct 26, 01 9:23pm


Here's the recipe for killing the fun in a new game:

Start with a VXD error screen...


its just a *bleep*in good game man!!!! what do u want me to tell yah?????????????


Was excited about purchasing the game. Wasn't as excited 10 minutes after playing, but...


I really liked how this game was designed. I give it a 4.9 because of all the...

Gone Gold was updated yesterday with news that Tropico has gone gold following speculation last week. Tropico is an... posted Apr 11, 01 7:28pm

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