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Trilby's Notes is the third game in the John DeFoe series (eventually a quadrilogy), which expands the storyline and connects 5 Days and 7 Days. Master thief turned paranormal investigator Trilby follows the trail of John DeFoe's soul idol to a small hotel in Wales, where he discovers the dark history of the cursed wood.


Players take control of Tribly. For walking, you have to press your cursors keys. For making Tribly stop to move, press again the cursors keys. For interacting with the environment, looking objects or talking to people, you have to write the command. For example, for getting pliers, write "get pliers". If you want to use them on nails, write "use pliers on nails". If you want to make appear the menu, press ESC and if you want to check your inventory, press TAB. The game is set up for QWERTY keyboards.

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">Windows 98/ME/2000/XP <li type="square">Pentium 600MHz <li type="square">128 MB RAM <li type="square">Video Card Capable of 320x200 in 16-bit Color <li type="square">Windows Compatible Soundcard <li type="square">Keyboard, mouse, speakers

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The Warning

In terms of timeline, Trilby's Notes are relating events happening after 5...

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