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Tribes: Ascend is an online first person shooter that mixes the normal elements of the genre with some unique features like being able to "ski" down slopes to build momentum, making use of airship style bases and taking advantage of vehicles around the wide open levels.

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A new update for PC shooter Tribes: Ascend has added several new weapons to the game in addition to another map... posted Sep 13, 12 7:02am

Tribes: Ascend is getting in on that whole Double XP thing starting tomorrow. The event will last from then up... posted Aug 31, 12 7:28am

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If you've held off or ignored free to play shooter Tribes: Ascend, now's a good a time as any. The game recently... posted Jun 28, 12 6:59am

The next update for shooter Tribes: Ascend will add more maps, free item upgrades, and lots more guns. I don't... posted Jun 13, 12 7:19am

Tribes: Ascend players will soon see a major update to the shooter which brings in more weapon rebalancing, a... posted Jun 06, 12 7:45am

Brute class players in Tribes: Ascend should be pleased with the latest patch, in which the big guy gets... posted May 23, 12 7:07am

Free-to-play PC shooter Tribes: Ascend has seen 1.2 million downloads since its official launch in April -- not... posted May 16, 12 6:53am

Yet another patch is available for shooter Tribes: Ascend, and it's a solid one. Besides a new map each for... posted May 09, 12 7:24am

Despite its successful PC release, Hi-Rez Studios has said they have no console plans for its free-to-play... posted May 03, 12 10:21am

After months and months of beta testing, free to play shooter Tribes: Ascend has finally hit version 1.0 -- the... posted Apr 11, 12 3:52pm

Tribes: Ascend is seeing a remarkable amount of success, considering it's still open beta. Over 400,000 players... posted Mar 09, 12 10:30am

As promised, shooter Tribes: Ascend is in open beta as of...right now, so you have all weekend to frag til you... posted Feb 24, 12 10:34am

PC shooter Tribes: Ascend has been going strong in closed beta form for months now, so the time has come to open... posted Feb 22, 12 8:49am

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